Consumerist creates “Get Me Fired!” contest

Consumerist creates “Get Me Fired!” contest

The Consumerist announced a new program called “Whistleblowers Anonymous”, aka “Send us juicy content so you can lose your job”. Corporations scan network usage and have log files, so what’s the over/under on how long it’ll take before a submissions costs someone their job? Will Consumerist set up a fund for fired employees or just reap the rewards of the content? I’m a fan of their site but you’re better than this, guys (and girls). I think companies should be kept in check but let’s not turn your site into the anti-corporate version of the National Enquirer.

See, my beef with MSM, and in particular local news, is that they reprint and rebroadcast press releases. How is this different? Anyway, it’s extremely risky and selfish to ask readers to jeopardize their careers, pensions, etc. just so you don’t have to do investigative journalism.

From their site:

We know many of our readers work at the companies that we write about, and we’ve started a program specifically for you. It’s called Whistleblowers Anonymous and it can help you overcome your addiction to corporate douchebagism. Through Whistleblowers Anonymous you can help your customers, your fellow humans, and yourself.

At the end of the day, folks, just remember this: It’s always easier to bitch about your job than find a new one or fight to change policies & wrongdoings.