Jumping the curve before it’s bent

Jumping the curve before it’s bent

Ok, I see that everyone has a huge boner there are a lot of conversations about Twitter (Damn, if I were a PPP whore affiliate I’d get paid for that. Anyway…). I signed up for it a few months ago, tried it out to see what it’s about and check in from time to time. Am I creating social networks with it? Not really. J is the only person’s feed I read. Sometimes. I really don’t give a crap about what Steve ate for dinner or what someone at SXSW is doing that I’m not. It’s not that I’m cynical, really. It’s just that I’m a realist.

See, Steve has this article about how Twitter is being used at SXSW. For the uncool, South By Southwest is a music festival in Austin, TX. Bands get completely screwed, some even paying thousands of dollars just to get on a stage, with the hope that they’ll get signed by a label. Horror stories abound, just out of the D.

So back to my point – please name someone under 26 using Twitter. I know a lot of bloggers, especially PR and tech, have jumped on the bandwagon. And everyone’s claiming it’s the hottest thing since, oh, I don’t know, whatever the hell they wrote about last week claiming that was the hot thing.

If you’re a brand reading this and you want to know how to incorporate Twitter into your next campaign, my advice is this:

Like Flava Flav said, “Don’t believe the hype”.

It’s fun, sure. Are the masses there? No. Second Life was worth knowing about a year ago, but to tell a brand to drop $125k on creating and maintaining a presence before the numbers justify it is highway robbery.

Do I think Twitter is fun? Sure, if I were an egotistical person that assumed people cared when I got off the subway, had a meal or won some business. But I’m not.

BTW (that’s internet lingo, which is popular with the kids) – the #1 way to reach the coveted Gen Y is through texting, not Twitter. Sorry to break your hearts, folks.

Another BTW – Mike has a great post on legitimate uses for Twitter.