Nike goes half way in with NikeMashup and Nike iD

Nike goes half way in with NikeMashup and Nike iD

Nike has a mashup site based on their “Second Coming” spots (which I love, btw) where you can create your own ads from footage they’ve provided from the commercial shoot. Cool idea, except you can’t search for other people’s commercials (you down with OPC?) and only the top and newly created ads stick on the homepage. I created one that was nothing but 60 seconds of Rasheed Wallace yelling “OOH!” after hitting a three. It would have been a great CGM campaign if users could upload their own clips and make personalized highlight reels as well.

Sticking with CGM, why not transform the Nike iD program into CGP (Consumer Generated Products)? I am a huge fan of Max air, so why not let me customize the Nike Shox Cog iD into Nike Max Air Cog iD? Speaking of customization, Nike has a “Personalization Policy” that says:

Unfortunately, at times we must decline personal iD’s that may otherwise seem unobjectionable.


It contains profanity, inappropriate slang, might be considered insulting or discriminatory, might be construed to incite violence, or may simply contain material that we do not wish to place on our products.

So the deal is this: You can’t write “EAT ME” or “KISS OFF” on the back of your $115, personalized shoes, but Nike sponsored NBA athletes can tell refs to f off on national TV and still collect their Nike endorsement dollars.