Updates to Lyro

Updates to Lyro

I got a nice email from Leif Larson, the founder of Lyro, alerting me of some new features on their site. They’re still in beta so the site has been making enhancements. Such as:

1. Card pockets. What’s a card pocket? Funny you should ask. From their site:

A card pocket is like a pant pocket; it’s a place to store stuff that you want readily accessible. You can store other peoples’ business cards in your card pocket for easy retrieval. As you search for new contacts, your card pocket is the place to store the cards of individuals that interest you. You can access any business card in your pocket when you want to message that person, send that card to someone else or download the information into your contact management system (in vCard format).

2. Multiple cards. That’s right, you can now create multiple virtual cards under one profile.

3. Vcards. Once you have a few favorites you can download them as Vcards. Can’t forget about the Vcards.

I would add this as a suggestion: Figure out a way to make Lyro matter in SEO. Lyro doesn’t turn up in the top 10 if I search my own name. Fix that and we’ll be onto something. My suggestion is inbound links and working the algorithm to beat out LinkedIn. If there’s anything Twitter did right, it’s connect through the geekdom that is the internet and mobile. Integrate this with mobile and SIM cards and we’re onto something.

Enough free advice, I’m off to Italy.