A week’s worth of random thoughts

A week’s worth of random thoughts

If I thought anyone read Twitter posts (no long tail on this one, folks) I would have thrown these on there. Regardless, here are a few nuggets from the past week or so:

1. The RIAA sued more University of Michigan students last week by IP address. The U issued a response that they were investigating. I’m not saying they shouldn’t protect their copyrights, but I’m not sure going after some of the best and brightest are the long term solution to extending the business model.

2. Q: What happens when an outdated product/company tries to make itself relevant?
A: Pay a few bloggers to write a code for you, then go against their Rules and spam people with it. People said they received spam email from Vocus regarding their “5 Golden Rules For Blogger Relations”. Vocus issued a response. I’m not buying it. You don’t get it, please don’t try to pretend. You paid for your company to become relevant and then botched it. Eat the $$ on this project and start over by bringing people in that get it and let them evangelize.

Bottom line: While their points are dead on, they aren’t anything new. And instead of sending attachments they could’ve sent this:

Subject: Want to work with bloggers?
Body: Use common sense.

If you’ve seen my presentations you’ll know that I’ve given these hints before. Kudos to Vocus for trying to push the standards, but in my opinion you’re a bit late to the game.

3. Finally, I noticed that Gmail has overtaken all mailto: tags. I mentioned earlier that I use Yahoo for all commercial-related emails and Gmail is for bidness… so I’m not exactly thrilled to have this option forced upon me. I understand that they want to push their web mail system on me, but it’s a bit much.

Wow, I feel much better now that I have that off my chest. 😛