Sony Electronics enters the blogosphere

Sony Electronics enters the blogosphere

From Josh Bernoff at Forrester, Sony has made it’s third second foray into the blogosphere with the “Sony Electronics Blog”, located at the dreadfully hard to remember URL of In my mind this blog is much needed and will hopefully address the customer service and quality problems that have plagued the brand in recent years.

I’ve had my own bad experiences as well and, when considering brands for a recent purchase, eliminated them from the mix due to the aforementioned service issue. Buh-bye, Dave’s disposable income.

That being said, the blog does have the potential of taking these problems head on. The brand is still strong among consumers, ranked #2 behind Coca-Cola according to a recent Harris Interactive poll, and our own PRWeek/MS&L poll shows they’re ranked #2 on the list of companies marketers want to work for. I remember reading a story about the coporate culture at Sony and how a certain maverick was able to break through and achieve success. Witness this passage:

Sony venerates its mavericks, a culture inspired by late co-founder Masaru Ibuka, a puckish inventor who bet the franchise on long shots that turned into hits, such as the transistor radio and the Trinitron television.

Hell, even I wanted to work there.

Their Playstation blog is a hit, but realistically you’d have to screw it up pretty bad for it to not be successful. So far the Electronics blog is getting a good amount of comments (44 and 60 for their first two posts), I will be watching to see if they focus on topics other than corporate culture and products – that’s when the real fun with begin.

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