Friends aren’t Followers

Friends aren’t Followers

I honestly can’t believe I’m blogging this, but Twitter sent me an announcement that people are confused between “Friends” and “Followers”. Maybe we should rename them “Friends” and “Stalkers”? Would that help?

From Twitter:

Friends, Followers and Notifications

Folks have noted that there’s too much overlap and confusion
between “friend” and “follow.” As Twitter has evolved, these two
concepts have emerged in parallel and clouded things up. So, in
the spirit of simplification, we are no longer going to define
people as your “friends.” The functionality of adding people
remains, but the interaction is focused on the term “follow”
instead. We’ve also added a “notifications” toggle which allows
you to turn on updates via SMS or IM on a person-by-person basis.

More about this change:

I think this is one of the signs of the apocalypse – I just blogged about Twitter.

Editor’s note: I have a few other posts in the hopper, as soon as things cool down at work I’ll post more, including one about some sad findings from a recent PRWeek study.