So Easy Even A “Weird Al” Can Do It

So Easy Even A “Weird Al” Can Do It

I have to admit – I am a huge Weird Al Yankovic fan. Have been since ’83, when I not only owned the self-titled debut cassette but sheepishly admit to performing the songs (“Gotta Boogie” and “One More Minute” were my personal faves) to my parents. Full geek disclosure — I also was one of the ten people who saw Al’s movie “UHF” in theaters when it was released and caught part of Al’s scarf during the “Off The Deep End” tour at the Ritz (now a Spartan Foodcenter) in Roseville, MI. Ah, dorky youth.

So I was on the train a few weeks ago — yes, Spike, with my iPhone — watching Al’s video for “White & Nerdy” on YouTube (embedded below). 14 Million views (and counting). Check out his other work. Interviews from “Al TV”, of which I used to tape and watch over and over again, are over 1MM views. Videos typically top 10MM views. And that’s without regular play on MTV.

Mike from Techdirt always talks about the need for the recording industry to adapt. Apparently Al has it figured out.

Sure, the song references a lot of my childhood (and current) nerdness. I’m not sure what the litmus test is for knowing you’re a geek, but if you get most of the references then I’d say it counts. Bonus points for recognizing Donny Osmund and Seth Green cameos. But he’s presenting it in a format I’m using today… and here I am blogging about it. Al rules, and if you’re in the NYC area he’s playing the Beacon Theater this Thursday.


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