Have you been Rick Rolled yet?

Have you been Rick Rolled yet?

Ok, so my Halo 3 post was a hoax… Gotcha! In related news, there is a Norwegian shop selling copies early, but my prank was part of the latest internet craze called “Rick Roll”, and about 140 Digg members fell for it over the past day or so. (Yes, I was laughing when I saw click throughs, and it is funny.)

Remember dude from the 80’s named Rick Astley? Yeah, me neither. Until I saw this again, then all of the horror of hairspray, tight rolled jeans, Vuarnet and women wearing padded suit jackets came flashing back in an instant. The prank is being circulated via email, IM, blogs, you name – just to get people to watch that awful song again.

Missed out on the hilarity? Check it out below, pass it along, and Rick Roll someone today!


digg_url = ‘https://digg.com/videos/comedy/Have_You_Been_Rick_Rolled_Yet’;