Evolution and how it’s killed my RSS reader

Evolution and how it’s killed my RSS reader

Evolution. No, I’m not going to get all Kansas, err, pro-creationism on you here (Shout out to Amanda’s 9-0 Jayhawks, though) — I’m talking about the natural progression to a different stage… one that’s better, we’d all hope.

I’ve been going through my Reader and dropping several blogs. It’s not because I’m negative and predicting the demise of the blogosphere as others have, it’s just that people are saying the same damn thing over and over again without any real development in their writing, theories or thought.

Don’t get me wrong, evolving isn’t an easy thing to do. In fact, change is one of those things that, once people become comfortable, feels unnatural. Without getting too self promotional on y’all, I am going to say that I always push myself to change. Granted, my bullshit meter is much higher than others, but I still push for that level of discomfort that other shun. Speaking of which, did y’all enjoy the Twitter article in the Times this past week? Me either, especially since it didn’t bother mentioning financials and/or business models. But I digress…

That being said, I’ve been following some people for a few years now, and while the ride has been great I’m just not getting the thought-provoking diatribe or insight that I really need at this point in my life or career. The evolution of my reading habits has changed, and as a writer/thinker you need to evolve or I’ll leave ya in the tar pits.

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