An Open Plea to the Marketing Community for Help

An Open Plea to the Marketing Community for Help

Update: Official updates from Anissa’s husband are being posted over on Aiming Low. You can also follow @aiminglow on Twitter for updates. Please help Anissa’s family by donating here.

Hi everyone,

Anissa modeling at the Type A Mom Conference. Photo by @secretagentmama

I would normally never hijack my own blog for something like this but when you have the chance to help someone you just do it. A fellow blogger and friend, Anissa Mayhew, unexpectedly suffered a stroke earlier today and is currently in the ICU. I’m uncertain on how she’s doing as we only received an update via her husband on her Facebook status, but needless to say there are a lot of us hoping she’s OK. Check out the outpouring of support on Twitter from all of her friends.

Her group mom blog, Aiming Low, has a post on how you can help. Due to server issues I’m reposting this call for help for her family. If you’re a brand, work at an agency, whatever – please contact your clients or boss to see if they can help her family out:

As you may have heard, Anissa, our beloved friend and leader here at Aiming Low, suffered a stroke on Tuesday afternoon. She is in the hospital right now, in the ICU.

More than anything, Anissa needs your prayers and positive thoughts but to the many people in the Atlanta area who have offered help to the Mayhew family, we have set up a form for you to fill out so we can have everyone’s contact info in one place (please be assured your information will be kept private).

Things that would be helpful right now are gift cards to restaurants and gift cards to the movies or to Blockbuster (to help keep the kids’ occupied) and gas/hotel gift cards for her extended family. We will be setting up a PO Box on Wednesday and posting the address here along with any updates. Please don’t send anything to the hospital or the Mayhew home.

If you have questions, please email

We ask that you please respect the Mayhew family’s privacy by NOT calling the hospital and we thank you all SO MUCH for your outpouring of love and support for Anissa and her family.

With thanks and love,

The Aiming Low Team