Wishing You A Happy New Year from Large Media

Wishing You A Happy New Year from Large Media

Clients, colleagues, friends, readers and passers-by,

The thirty first of December marks the end of a calendar year and the beginning of a new year. Three hundred and sixty five days of hard work, some play, celebrations and learning moments seemingly get bundled into one blog post, email, status update, tweet, text, and yes — letter — for many of us. With the close of the year comes a host of other things, like possibilities, growth, risk, understanding and of course, accomplishments.

This has been an amazing year for Large Media. Our client roster has grown considerably and we’re thrilled to be working with some incredible clients and brands. While staying focused on our mission, we are also holding true to a promise we made when the agency started: We refuse to get “too big”. With size comes the death of innovation, bureaucracy and a game of “managing expectations”. We don’t want to manage our clients expectations – only exceed them.

From myself, Audrey and our talented crew we want to wish you and yours the best 2012 possible.