Google’s Massive Search Change Is Almost Here

Google’s Massive Search Change Is Almost Here

ICYMI, Google announced in May of 2020 that they would be making a massive change to how they prioritize websites. Like that morning jog your body was promised during COVID lockdowns but didn’t quite get around to doing, the implementation of this change is set to go live in May of 2021. So, next week.

The changes are specific to improving a user’s experience on your site’s pages. This new page experience signals combine Core Web Vitals (see image) with Google’s existing search signals including:

HTTPS-security via a current SSL certificate
Intrusive interstitial guidelines

What does this mean? Your site needs to be fast, safe, secure and devoid of pop ups.

There are going to be clear winners and losers as it relates to search rankings. We are working with existing clients to make these changes – even last minute – and can help you too. Shoot David an email at david at largemedia dot com and we’ll jump in to save the day.