Twitter Tip Jar Is Coming

Twitter Tip Jar Is Coming

It’s been a busy week in San Francisco as Twitter has announced not one, not two, but three distinct changes that affect their platform moving forward. The other day I wrote about Twitter’s iOS 14.5 warning for advertisers and followed it up with an aesthetic change for iOS and Android users (desktop coming soon) that will no longer use Twitter’s AI to crop photos.

Now, Twitter is testing out a tip jar for some users. And get this — Twitter is essentially passing through the tips and not monetizing it at all.

The process to sign up seems as simple as adding any payment method to an online profile and will allow users to accept money from readers. One point of contention with this is that if your reader uses PayPal for leave a tip the reader’s address and phone number are then provided to the person they’re sending the tip to. Whoopsie.

These changes come in addition to their acquisition of Revue earlier this year which allows users to thread their tweets into a newsletter.

After what feels like a decade of incremental change, adding in Fleets, the platform is rapidly evolving into one that can support content creators including journalists, entertainers and celebrities and media outlets in just 12 short months.