Twitter Verified User Program Re-Opens To The Public

Twitter Verified User Program Re-Opens To The Public

Twitter, the microblogging platform that has been rife with fraud, fake profiles and a series of scandals due to inauthentic accounts, is finally re-opening its process to become a verified user. Read on to learn the criteria and how you can apply.

If you recall, Twitter has been one of the many social media targets during gthe last few US election cycles for trolls, bots and other nefarious spam looking to alter or sway public opinion.

Hopefully, those days are over.

In order to create transparency over the verification process, twitter is posting the guidelines under which a Twitter account would be considered for verification. Anyone can apply, but they’re defining “notable” accounts as those which should be verified and authentic and of “high public interest”.

Twitter has staffed up for the impending flood of applicants, but even then it may take up to 4 weeks to receive a response. If you are denied verification there’s a 30 day wait to re-apply.

The Criteria

Twitter says there are three account qualities that everyone must meet in order to become a verified user:

1. Notability (important people/groups including companies, government, journalists, academia, sports, etc.)

2. Authenticity (must be true to what says it is) and

3. Activity (active at least 6 months, confirmed email or phone number, and no rule violations)

This is a welcome sign for not only transparency but for all of the CEOs, NGOs et al who’ve been clamoring to prove they’re the actual person behind the handle on the platform.

Among those who will not receive verification? Parody, newsfeed, commentary, and unofficial fan accounts, among others.

How To Apply

It’s pretty simple: Much like Instagram’s process, you have to start by opening the app. Under settings, go to Request Verification. Don’t see it yet? It’s being rolled out, we assume due to demand, so check back daily.