About Us


We are marketing veterans who’ve studied, learned and adapted best practices for our clients for a combined 40+ years.

David Binkowski – An experienced marketing executive who focuses on brand, earned  and paid media, including word of mouth marketing, digital marketing and social media  tools to drive measurable ROI for clients. A trusted and consistent leader to Fortune 500 and startup companies, David is the President and CEO at Large Media and regularly advises clients on how to best use online, social and mobile technology to drive their business.


David’s client portfolio consists of big brands including Procter & Gamble, AstraZeneca,  dressbarn Inc., Citibank, Underwriters Laboratories, Energizer, Reckett Benckiser, Novartis,  Eli Lilly, General Mills and General Motors as well as some of Silicon Valley’s best VCs and  startups including Sequoia Capital, Canaan Partners, Coin, Tile, Navdy, Moov, Vessyl and  The Grid.


His work has been recognized with awards from PRSA, WOMMA, NY’s Big Apple and  several other industry groups and was named one of the Holmes Report’s “Innovator 25”.  David wrote and championed the rules for ethical conduct for working with bloggers and  the now-approved FTC guidelines for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA).  For this work, he was recognized by his peers and elected to WOMMA’s board of directors.  While mostly retired from public speaking to focus on client needs, David has spoken over  the years at SxSW, WOMMA, PRSA, Ad:Tech and several other industry-leading events. 


Audrey Binkowski – With 20 years of experience building brands and marketing programs from the ground up, Audrey is an executive who can lead a team but isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Functioning as a fractional CMO for companies who need to scale, Audrey builds smart, strategic, creative marketing plans that marry the speed and agility of digital with the time-proven techniques of traditional marketing.


Audrey has led digital strategy for some of the biggest crowdfunding successes in history including: Tile, Coin, Navdy, Vessyl, The Grid, Moov, Skylock, Ringly, Sproutling, Ghost Drone, Clinicloud, Lily, Plastc, Nebia, Altwork Station, Father.IO, the Olio Model One, Spinn Coffee and Leaf. Post-launch, she has worked with many of her crowdfunding success stories to help them continue to grow sales and build out their marketing team.