Founded in 2009, Large Media is a virtual, holistic marketing agency, specializing in creating & executing word of mouth and digital marketing strategies that work in synergy with your traditional marketing efforts. Our partners have been active online in SEO, web design, web marketing, e-commerce, CPC ads and banner advertising since the 1990’s and have nearly a decade of experience with word of mouth marketing, online communities, blogger relations and social media.

Much like the new economy, Large recognizes that while our clients’ businesses are going through tremendous change so is the agency world. Our team is made up of industry leaders with real world client experience – not “hands-off” thought leaders who never touch client business. We are a group of senior counselors and junior executors that understand the social media and influencer business because we live it, breathe it and help shape the future of it.

Our philosophy is simple: Create unique marketing programs that resonate with your customer and deliver real return for our clients.

For this, we are hired by the world’s best companies to integrate new media channels, influencer marketing, word of mouth marketing and offline marketing with big ideas. Our founder and Managing Partner, David Binkowski, is a word of mouth marketing pioneer and two-time WOMMY award winner. His passion, knowledge and experience in this space translates into our strategic counsel and day to day client work for both brands and agencies.

We are the strategists that know how to utilize emerging technology to help brands grow.

We are Large Media.