I’ve been reading the recent uproar re: the recent Microsoft Vista blogger outreach campaign and wanted to ask a simple question – why aren’t bloggers being outed for their participation or lack of disclosure, and why is it that those who are coming clean are being given a free pass?

I can (and do) tell a client “If a blogger lies or fails to disclose they will lose readers”, but is the reality that people are still going to read these blogs? Are they “ruined”? I’ve yet to see that happen. So where’s the accountability on their end? Should they fold up shop and quit blogging, as Strumpette et al have demanded of Steve?

Chris Abraham goes on to rip WOMMA, of which I am not only a member (but also a client?) but also helped co-create the 10 Simple Rules for ethical blogger relations. So obviously I have a real problem that only one side is being singled out here.