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An Invitation to Get Large business

A press release went out this morning announcing that I’m dedicating myself full time to Large Media. Having worked in digital marketing for the past 15 years, I’ve had the great fortune of counseling and executing award winning strategies, programs and work for some of…

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Google Slowly Unveiling Its Social Strategy with +1 Google

“Google makes tools for everyday life — YouTube for video (entertainment), Chat (for connecting), Gmail, Docs (for business). They all have specific features and functions. Facebook is where my friends are and the functionality is almost secondary to that.” – David Binkowski, as quoted in…

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Finally! ICANN Approves .xxx Domain for Adult Sites internet

ICANN,the group responsible for top level domain (TLD) registration, finally approved “.xxx” for adult oriented web sites after almost a decade of waiting, according to CNN. This is the first approval in quite some time that actually makes any sense for both businesses and consumers….

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SXSW Influencer Throwdown Recap influencers, social media

This past week in Austin I organized and spoke on a panel called “Influencer Throwdown: Defining and Debating Influence Once and For All” with some marketing friends. Here’s a good recap of the session and a few quotes: The panel began with some discussion around…

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Kenneth Cole Proves Any Press Is Good Press social media, twitter

Last week the folks at Kenneth Cole, and perhaps Kenneth Cole himself, set off a firestorm among the twitterati and mainstream media when they decided to try and hijack the “#Cairo” hashtag to promote an upcoming Spring collection. “PR blunder”, “Social media gaffe” and other…

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