We've all been there. Your site, Facebook application, live video -- you name it -- is supposed to be live at a certain time, on a certain date. You checked every pre-launch task off the list: quality assurance, load balance testing, cross browser and platform compatibility, the list goes on and one. And then, the unthinkable happens -- your site/app/stream doesn't work. Even worse, it does work, and then goes down. That's what happened to one of my favorite online retailers, Bonobos on Cyber Monday. So, what did they do?

A recent Pitney Bowes survey reveals that only 18% of consumers believed that engaging with a larger company or its brands on social media would encourage a repeat purchase. While I believe the study is mildly loaded -- Pitney Bowes's core business is in postage meters and direct mail -- there's a strong takeaway for businesses to not forget about other marketing channels and more important - to produce a great product.

Thursday the bomb was dropped at f8 that Facebook is going to be ditching the Like in favor of user actions and passive updates, meaning that when you engage with apps and have the "Add to Timeline" feature enabled it will automatically update your Timeline with what you're doing (for an example of this, check out the Washington Post Social app). It's mildly reminiscent of the auto-checkin app for Foursquare, and of course the "please rob me" site that followed, however this latest change is not only a strong push for brands to do more on Facebook than create pithy status updates to get noticed, but should be a huge wake up call for the marketing industry as to where the budgets will be going.