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The Corporate Anti-Social Media Policy social media

A lot of discussions take place day in and day out over the use of social media in the workplace. “Is it productive?”, “Why do we need it?”, “Where’s the return?” and “Should we allow it?” have been uttered more times in board rooms and…

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Social Media Consultant Shows Potential of Mobile social media

We’ve all heard the perils of not following your own advice, but this is pretty ridiculous. Apparently a “social media consultant” in Iowa has been stalking “former female business acquaintances” using social media, but it was his harassment via texting that pushed things over the line…

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Four Location-Based Marketing Rules for Gowalla Uncategorized

The practice of geolocation services, or the ability to locate a potential customer using GPS-enabled technology, is all the rage in the tech and marketing world right now. However, there are very few written rules for marketers as to what to do. Thankfully some brave…

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RIP Social Media Expert, c. 2010 social media

I’ve been telling clients that 2010 is going to be the year of accountability as it relates to social media. This means  accountability using real numbers (read as: sales) and not fluff (read as: says we reached 2,001,450 Twitterers with those 3 re-tweets!!1!). With…

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SXSW Wrap Up Report social media

It’s been a few days since SXSWi ended so I figured it’s a good time to put up a recap post. And I know Shamable readers appreciate that it’s going up on Friday night because we’ve been working at our day jobs this week too….

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