One of the biggest questions brands struggle with is how to utilize social media channels. In particular, we quite often are asked (and see) as to what type of content to post on their social media channels. The issue is that most brands want to see immediate return on their investments in social media, so it's not a surprise to us that coupons and deals are the number one thing people want. More after the jump.

This certainly isn't a new topic for those of us who've been involved in online communities, but to some reading this it's a new concept. Ryan Adcroft takes a good start at the basics of joining tribes online, and I'm going to take it a step further by stating that if your firm or company isn't part of these tribes you aren't maximizing your campaigns. Let's start by defining what a tribe is.

A few weeks ago the Casey Anthony verdict was handed down and people across the nation voiced their opinions online. Twitter exploded, Facebook went haywire and people from California to New York, and everywhere in between, seemed to have a take on whether or not the jury rendered the correct verdict. Justice or legal failure aside, what most people missed was the role her defense team said social media played in the courtroom and how it should impact planning and ongoing marketing campaigns.

A press release went out this morning announcing that I'm dedicating myself full time to Large Media. Having worked in digital marketing for the past 15 years, I've had the great fortune of counseling and executing award winning strategies, programs and work for some of...