I received this email yesterday from Ebay, letting me know that they’re raising fees (again):

I’m writing today to let you know about changes we’re making to eBay.com that are intended to rebalance the overall eBay marketplace by further distinguishing the roles of core listing formats (auction-style, auction-style with Buy It Now, and Fixed Price) and the Store Inventory listing format (used to display large amounts of product in eBay Stores).

Beginning August 22, insertion and final value fees for Store Inventory listings will be increased and will follow a tiered structure based on price–as they do for core listings. For complete details of these changes, please see my Announcement Board post and our Fee Changes Overview.

As one of the vast majority of eBay sellers who use only core listing formats, you are not likely to be impacted by these changes. Core listing fees will NOT be increased at this time. In fact, we’re taking steps to boost their exposure on eBay and eBay Express.

I’m confident the actions we’re taking are the right thing to do for the overall eBay Community. Auction-style listings have made eBay what it is today. In short, they provide the signature shopping experience millions of buyers have come to expect and provide the fastest way for you sell on the Internet. Look for even more exciting incentives for core listing formats coming soon!


Bill Cobb
eBay North America

The restated fee structure is available here. My guess is that you’ll see an exodus to other platforms and venues, especially with the launch of Google Checkout, for sellers to move their stores to their own web sites.

What are sellers getting for the increase? Nothing, really. No, wait, that’s not true — at least they can blog now.