Yesterday Facebook announced “Graph Search“, which will bring you search results from your friends as well as the ability to connect with likeminded people. While Facebook has a lot of data on you and your friends, and it has great potential, the product is still in beta and will need a lot of work to overtake Google based on what we’ve seen.

That said, it goes back to a point we’ve been saying forever: There’s a battle happening on the web between Google and Facebook, and this move by Facebook just planted a flag squarely in Google’s Search space.

And while research shows word of mouth recommendations top any other form of media in trustworthiness, ultimately it comes down to trust and relevance:

Are the results I’m getting from the people I know better than what I can find elsewhere?¬†

Thus far Facebook has yet to solve for this dilemma. Displaying a brand page that a friend likes is not any more likely to a) remind me that I like the brand, and b) entice me to try it – even with an offer.

Brands can get a quick rundown of tips where Facebook brand Pages can be optimized for search here.