I’m not going to re-hash yesterday’s post about my presentation. I’ve done enough public speaking engagements and taught enough classes to know that the people in the room are there because they want to learn, engage in the subject and share their knowledge. Most sessions end, and at the end of the day I hope that my messages resonate and that the audience leaves with something they can use. No, this topic and post go far beyond anything I can impact in a class or session — but I am going to ask for your help.

See, I met a blogger yesterday named Jon Harmon. Jon is a PR guy who has a blog called Force for Good. I spoke with Jon for a few minutes after the session and he encouraged me to check out his blog. Force for Good is a blog about what Jon calls “aspirational public relations”. In his post today he’s taking on a huge task and challenging bloggers to help clean up the internet for children.

In his words:

This is not about restricting free speech or in preventing legal adult sites from making money. This is only about helping reduce the exposure of pornographic images to children.

This isn’t some anti-free speech initiative. This movement is coming on the heels of some very sick news that came out of Austria yesterday regarding child abuse and pornography. I’m not going to go into the details, you can read the article for yourself – and I’ll challenge you, especially those with children, to not feel repulsed. Kids don’t deserve this kind of abuse, and Jon and his friend Mihaela Lica are looking to do something about it.

Jon’s blog will have more details on their thoughts on how we can help prevent these kind of tragedies from occurring. I will be tuning in and contributing my thoughts.