I did a post yesterday about Force for Good and the effort to stop child abuse and torture online. Sorry, call it pornography, but it’s flat out torture. These are kids.

I’ve been thinking about how the U.S. government can help put an end to this in the U.S. – after all, the internet isn’t specific to one country, and as we’ve seen with spam regulation, you can’t prosecute spammers in other countries. But you can put pedophiles within the U.S. in prison for paying to access these sites hosting illegal content.

If we’re looking for an example of how to rid the U.S. of these sites, look no further than the casino lobbyist-driven, anti-online gambling legislation that has cut off U.S. funds to offshore gambling sites. If the U.S. government can monitor transactions to sites like NETeller and FirePay, then why not to these smut sites? How hard would it be to trace the 800+ $89 transactions to the child abuse site in Austria and put these people in prison?

I’m not saying I agree with how the offshore internet gambling legislation went down, but what I’m saying is that if the federal government really wanted to stop this kind of garbage they could.