There comes a time in ever person’s career where they realize there are bigger and better things out there. As you know, I’m a member of WOMMA and have access to the most cutting edge, fast-moving companies, and we frequently exchange ideas and best practices. I’ve given presentations at Ad:Tech on behalf of WOMMA and did 2 sessions at the WOMBAT conference in Orlando. I was recently interviewed in Inc Magazine and have done a few podcasts.

The networking within WOMMA has led to several preliminary job discussions, however I recently received one that is too great to pass up. The company is located in the midwest, which is great because I don’t have to move — they’ve agreed to fly me to their offices daily (it’s a 30 minute flight) and work a compressed, four day work week. I can’t reveal any more details of the move at this time, but I can tell you that you have just been pranked. I’m not really leaving MS&L — April fools!