Sure, the Technorati report shows blogs aren’t being created as fast as they used to be. (Explanation: Splogs, hype and the like contributed to the explosion in the overall number of blogs being created (and not maintained), however the blogosphere and social media are alive and healthy. Want a great example?

ESPN’s NFL Draft page includes their “SportsNation” rating along with the other “experts”. Side note: How Mel Kiper Jr. is still employed is beyond me. Seriously, I love his enthusiasm and insight but he might as well be predicting the weather. Anyway — if check out the ratings for each team’s draft — included in the overall weight are the SportsNation rating, e.g. the users with logins/IDs.

Additionally, relaunched their site over the weekend (see my off-topic rant about bloggers following the news cycle) and are allowing for comments and user-added facts. I’m interested in seeing how long before their system is hijacked by trolls and frat boys (“This tip, submitted by Dick Hurtz,…”).