From the almighty Church, Joe Pilotta from Big Research released data last week that made me cry laugh concerned. It says that the percent of media spending by the auto industry breaks down like this: TV (47%), newspaper (30%) and magazine (11.3%).

The crazy part to this is that 30.4% of the 15,000 respondents said word of mouth was #1 on their list as to why they made their purchase, beating out TV broadcast (24.1%) by nearly 6%. It’s even higher for electronics purchases, scoring word of mouth number one at 42.6%. See it for yourself this link. Thanks to Ben for the great looking chart.

I mentioned at my last WOMMA panel that it’s going to take time and education to get everyone on board, from the CMO down to the entry level hire. For the sake of wasting budget, let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.