By now everyone has seen the SNL sketch with Justin Timberlake called “Dick in a Box”. It was sent to me by 5 different people last Monday, so it’s no shock that my local rag is finally doing a report about it 5 days later.

It’s been said a million times, but for those who don’t believe it — this is more evidence that the internet and social media are transforming how news is covered and what’s deemed to be newsworthy.

Separately, it appears that NBC’s digital strategy is to allow certain content to be distributed while owning “exclusive” content on the peacock’s main site. The logic is that people will view the edited, authorized content elsewhere and the “full versions” on the parent site. Case in point: There was a brief debate around the office last Monday as to whether or not they were saying “dick” or “cock”, so we went to the NBC site to verify.

Here is the edited clip from YouTube:


Note that this is the “clean” version, with “dick” bleeped 16 times. Head over to NBC to view the uncensored version.

Happy Holidays!

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