A lot of brands have done a great job “coming back” in the U.S. since their hayday in the 1970s and 80s. It seems like all it takes is a little nostalgia and an influencer to wear your brand and viola! — you too can charge $80 for “athletic inspired” footwear (see: Puma).

I bring this up because I recently got a pair of Op shorts. Yes, that’s Ocean Pacific, the company that used to sell me rad surfing t-shirts back in the 1980s… a competitor to the also popular Jamz, the 3/pants length, multi-colored shorts that matched any Weird Al Yankovich hawaiian shirt. Hell, even Member’s Only has been in fashion magazines.

So let’s have a contest. They all made comebacks, help this struggling brand make a comeback: Vuarnet. Remember those t-shirts? Small multi-colored logos on the front, large logo on the back.

Post your brand comeback strategy for this brand. Yes, I’m aware they still sell sunglasses. And I’m sure in France it’s a hella company, but here they could use some help.

Next time we’ll tackle another 80’s icon — SurfStyle jackets (which I recently saw someone wearing at the outlet mall)!