Strumpette reported on Friday (hey, I’m out of town working on a pitch!) that a group on Second Life called Dreamland is shutting itself off from marketers and PR folks… or “flacks”, as she says.

I’ve had conversations with co-workers and friends about why people use Second Life (other than hooking up). And yes, those are the kind of geeky conversations I have with co-workers and friends.

First off, there’s a huge contradiction going on in SL – new brands in Second Life are OK, but “real world” brands aren’t. But I digress.

I firmly believe that people don’t want to be marketed to or at. I’ll bet you’ve never heard someone say “I want MORE commercials!”.

My argument is that most folks are, much like the Matrix, dial-up-300-baud-BBSing, gaming and other online RPGs, using SL to escape to an “underground” free from the unpleasantries of life — which includes marketing.

Care to argue?

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