Social media provides companies a tremendous opportunity to lower marketing costs and create loyalty among existing consumers while expanding your customer base. This isn’t about the tools; this is about understanding your audience, how they’re using technology and how they use that technology to talk about you and to their networks. It’s about having a strategy that works for your brand, your team and your budget. Our seasoned team has created and executed social strategies, monitoring, measurement and execution for the world’s largest brands and can help you navigate social media by creating measurable, memorable campaigns and ongoing engagement.

Our Philosophy

Let’s agree on the premise that your agency shouldn’t have ¬†to be the keeper of your social media presences – you should. Large can manage and help you redistribute responsibilities and train internal staff to not only understand how social media can benefit your brand but how to also integrate it into your organization – from shared marketing objectives to personal MBOs to measurement and triaging of information.

Large has been helping Fortune 500 companies navigate the social space for the past eight years – from the C-level executives to new hires. We can give your company a rundown of where you stand, what your competitors are doing and how you can make social media work better for your company. And if you’re stuck with a bunch of disparate social presences, lacking a plan or strategy, looking to get started or need analysis on what’s working and what’s not for your brand, our team is here to help so that your social media initiatives¬†work for you – not against you.

Social media services:

Social media strategy
Competitive analysis
Program design and execution
Social media monitoring
Social media channel management (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
Social ad buying
Social media applications
Social media metrics and measurement