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This past week in Austin I organized and spoke on a panel called “Influencer Throwdown: Defining and Debating Influence Once and For All” with some marketing friends. Here’s a good recap of the session and a few quotes:
The panel began with some discussion around celebrities and how they are perceived as influencers.  The big (obvious) example used was Charlie Sheen.  Does he have influence?  The panel was split on this, and they each had their opinions on it.  David Binkowski cited that 8% of Americans trust celebrities.  I would tend to agree with him.
And we spent a lot of time discussion this:

It's been a few days since SXSWi ended so I figured it's a good time to put up a recap post. And I know Shamable readers appreciate that it's going up on Friday night because we've been working at our day jobs this week too. :)