I just saw a commercial for new Philly Jammin’ Swirls. The commercial is a complete rip off of the Reese’s commercial classic “you got your chocolate on my peanut butter”, “you got your peanut butter on my chocolate”. So here it is: Two “angels”, aka women wearing wings, are sitting around about to eat bagels. One woman, err, angel, is standing with her 1/2 bagel that has strawberry jam on it. The other woman is sitting on an ottoman holding her 1/2 bagel with cream cheese on it. The standing woman drops her bagel onto the seating woman’s bagel and theft ensues:

Seated woman: “You just got jam on my Philly.”
Standing woman: “You just got Philly on my jam.”

So we already know problem #1: It’s a blatant rip off of a classic commerical line.

But here’s the real issue I have with it… HOW HARD IS IT TO HAVE BOTH JAM AND CREAM CHEESE IN SEPARATE JARS? I hope Smuckers Goober Grape sues ’em to stop this nonsense from continuing.