Steve Twittered something that he regrets and has offered an apology. Two things I don’t believe about it: 1. Unlike the Twitter post, it’s a late, calculated response, and 2. Unless he’s trying to emulate his CEO, Steve doesn’t drink. Now I’m no PR guy, but common sense would tell you that it’s probably not a great move for a public figure at a global PR firm to crap on a major publisher. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve taken shots at the local rags from time to time, mostly because of their inferior web site design and usability — but there’s a difference — I’m not a PR guy. And, validating my criticisms, they’ve redesigned or are in the process of redesigning their websites.

Additionally, I actually do visit their websites to see what’s happenin’ in the D – so consider it constructive criticism vs. dismissing their editorial content. Does my opinion mean less? Depends on who you ask. At times I barely crack the top 100k on Technorati, even though companies I’ve blogged about have read my snarky-ass remarks.

And yes, if any of them wanted to meet for a drink I would gladly accept. 😉