I’ll give you 6 reasons why newspapers like my hometown Detroit News are losing readership. Here are their top 6 headlines in “News Buzz”:

  1. Jay-Z documentary shown at U.N.
  2. Hip-hop mogul to tour African mines
  3. New James Bond film clears China censors
  4. Peter Gabriel receives peace award
  5. 3 Jolie bodyguards arrested in India
  6. Woman in `Borat’ seeks investigation

Then again, it’s much easier to just pull celebrity news off of the wire and run it than conduct investigative journalism. Want the story on what’s going on in Hamtramck, Michigan? Don’t look to the newspaper’s “local” section – check out Hamtramck Star, a blog written by a civic-minded husband and wife living in Hamtramck. Check it out, I’d challenge you to find another comparable blog (or newspaper site) with 156 comments. And so we’re comparing apples to apples, it’s worth noting that the city is one square mile.

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