That’s right, the annual Word of Mouth BAsic Training (WOMBAT) in Nawlins is wrapping up shortly. Here are my observations, some facts, and such and such:

1. There are a lot of brands here, which means either a) they’re not doing WOM, b) their agencies aren’t educating them on WOM, or c) WOM has become even more mainstream and they’re looking to really push WOM internally (and potentially not use an agency).

2. Someone told me that 62% of the people here were attending a WOMMA conference for the first time. Virgins.

3. Shelled crawfish take a long time to get to the good part.

4. Not to make this into a sales pitch, but it’s refreshing to hear that brands like Coca-Cola and Intuit are openly sharing best practices with one another as they push forward with WOM initiatives.

5. Geno Church is in too many photos on Josh’s Flickr set. 😛

I also posted a set of a few pics from yesterday’s dinner.