Last night I went to a party for, a site that lets users review services. The event was at Roe, a nightclub and restaurant on Howard street. Being a naive midwesterner, I checked the reviews for before leaving for the event… because there’s nothing worse than a pretentious “dress to impress” code. Strike that, there is something worse — walking a mile back to your hotel to change because your threads aren’t up to their standards.

Fortunately this was a private event for members. No, I’m not a member, but someone that I know is and he was nice enough to give me his pass…Which may have been a mistake, btw… I went around telling everyone my name was Jeremy and wore a “Jeremy” name tag. My “Hello my name is Jeremy” book should be out in a few months 😛

But I digress. The purpose of the party was to reward reviewers. And the selection of the venue was no mistake — the bar’s overall rating on the site is around 2 out of 5 stars, with the majority of Yelpers (not to be confused with Yoopers) saying the place was overpriced, unfriendly and meant for “hipsters”.

The remedy? A members-only guest list, free mixed drinks and wine and a free car ride if you were too drunk to drive (note on this portion of the program: the free rides ended at 9:30. If you’re too drunk to drive at 9:30 then it’s time to reach for the scissors and cut up your driver’s license). But a great idea — embrace those who may’ve had a bad or wrong impression and turn it into a positive. 12 reviews have been added to their site since last night’s party, and their overall rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Safe to say it worked.

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