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Twitter Tip Jar Is Coming advertising, social media, twitter

It’s been a busy week in San Francisco as Twitter has announced not one, not two, but three distinct changes that affect their platform moving forward. The other day I wrote about Twitter’s iOS 14.5 warning for advertisers and followed it up with an aesthetic…

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Google’s Massive Search Change Is Almost Here Google, seo

ICYMI, Google announced in May of 2020 that they would be making a massive change to how they prioritize websites. Like that morning jog your body was promised during COVID lockdowns but didn’t quite get around to doing, the implementation of this change is set…

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Do Agencies Actually Do Work Anymore? Uncategorized

You’re probably thinking that this is another post bashing the big agency model and questioning the value they provide to clients – and you are right if you’re thinking that. It’s not that there isn’t value in a big agency. I mean, after all, they…

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