Large Media holds itself to the highest ethical standards while conducting business both for the agency and on behalf of our clients. As former members of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association that wrote the rules for ethical online engagement, we go above and beyond industry standards to protect our clients, our company, our reputation and the partners we work with – including bloggers. By this, we mean that we will always ask our partners to say who they’re speaking for, to say what they truly believe and to say who they are. We do not believe in, nor will we ever practice, any form of astroturfing, shilling or false representation.

In fact, Large Media partner David Binkowski wrote WOMMA’s best practices for blogger relations in 2005, served on the WOMMA Member Ethics Advisory Panel and in 2010 drafted the guidelines for compliance with FTC standards on behalf of WOMMA. We have been living and breathing ethical word of mouth marketing and fighting for industry best practices from Day 1 and will continue to do so on behalf of our agency and clients.

To summarize: We are staunch advocates and practitioners of ethical word of mouth marketing and bring this approach to all of our client work.