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This past weekend was the largest blogging conference in the world, BlogHer, where an estimated 3500 bloggers and brands descended into San Diego for an extended weekend of schmoozing, networking, pitching, parties, late nights and drinking (Hey, I have to be honest here). It's a chance for many of those in the blogging community, from A-lister on down, to connect, teach and share what they've learned over the past several years of trying to make a go of it as a writer, a spokesperson, actress, publisher, advertiser, and just about everything in between. That being said, I've been involved in the blogging community for the better part of a decade and have had the pleasure of attending BlogHer last year and speaking at other blogging conferences, including the Type A Parent conference this year in Asheville, North Carolina. From a brand perspective, each conference yields hands-down winners and losers (disclosure: a then-client's party was completely off the hook at BlogHer '10 and still gets talked about) each year. With that, here are five insights for companies that may have or may plan to attend these conferences so it's not a waste of your marketing budget.