BusinessInsider has published some research from KISSMetrics about consumers, your web site and how color and appearance can help with purchase and brand recognition. Some interesting facts from the study include:


  • 93% of consumers place color and appearance above other factors when making a buying decision.
  • 85% of shoppers state color as the primary factor in their decision to buy a product.
  • Brand recognition, which links directly to consumer confidence, is increased by 80% when the right colors are used.

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There’s also a wonderful recap of what certain colors mean to consumers (blue, for example, exemplifies “trust and security”, as evidenced by most insurance company web sites). The psychology of colors is not a new concept, and not the only thing that prevents someone from buying online. The aesthetics of your site, coupled with thorough usability testing, may reveal an insight as to why your web site is underperforming.

Found via PSFK