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Yes, Sullivan County, Someone Is Hiring Uncategorized

Large Media is seeking a Sullivan County-based Community Manager to manage social media and digital marketing channels for its clients. In this role, the Community Manager is responsible for content creation, updating channels, moderating online communities, and reporting across channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn….

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Why Work Doesn’t Happen At Work Uncategorized

Jason Fried, co-founder of 37Signals (disclosure: we use their tools), has a terrific talk about work and why traditional offices just don’t work anymore. This concept — the fact that the traditional office doesn’t work — is actually the foundation of our agency. Well, that and…

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Facebook Rabbit Punches Google with “Graph Search” Google

Yesterday Facebook announced “Graph Search“, which will bring you search results from your friends as well as the ability to connect with likeminded people. While Facebook has a lot of data on you and your friends, and it has great potential, the product is still…

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