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Why Do People Follow Brands? social media

One of the biggest questions brands struggle with is how to utilize social media channels. In particular, we quite often are asked (and see) as to what type of content to post on their social media channels. The issue is that most brands want to…

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Why Social Media Is “Over” social media

This past weekend I caught some amazing insights from a Facebook investor (and musician!) who hit the nail — or multiple nails — on the head regarding social media and where this is all going. To be clear, I’ve never been a fan of being…

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Good Marketers Belong To Tribes Uncategorized

This certainly isn’t a new topic for those of us who’ve been involved in online communities, but to some reading this it’s a new concept. Ryan Adcroft takes a good start at the basics of joining tribes online, and I’m going to take it a…

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